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After having been involved for 30 years in the chemical industry. RZ-ECOSEAL decided to develop a solution for problems with grease duct systems (difficult to clean, very incendiary, not leak- or smell tight.

After extensive research RZ-ECOSEAL was born and patented. Though the product was initially developed for grease duct systems, it soon became clear that it would be ideal for many more problems and applications. RZ-ECOSEAL currently has contacts in different market segments, such as the asbestos sector, the heating industry and many others. Through the years the international interest for this product has strongly increased, and it is now available wordwide.

A special developed water-based seal.
  • Inflammable (heat shield).

  • Elastic, and water- and oil resistant.

  • Acid- and alkali resistant.

  • UV resistant.

  • ASticks to hard greases.

  • Ideal for places with a high humidity.

  • Seals leaking gaps (± 5 mm).

RZ-EcoSeal for:
  • Watertight and fireproof solution for grease duct systems.

  • Housing of flue systems (CLV).

  • Asbestos ducts.

  • Shunt ducts and shafts.

  • Condensation problems.

  • Insulating effects (Ducts).