Due to being used, grease duct systems tend to pollute. Many catering entrepreneurs seem to think that regular cleaning of the filters in the exhaust hood and the yearly maintenance of the motor will do.

95% of fires in the restaurant business start because of polluted grease duct systems.

  • Burning frying pan.
  • Fire in the deep fryer, reaching the grease duct.
  • Self-ignition (grease is a fuel with a low flash point).

The insurance requires a yearly inspection and cleaning when the pollution reaches a thickness of 0,5 mm (nail thickness). Cleaning should be executed by an approved cleaning company. (See partners).

What is RZ-Ecoseal:
  • A specially developed waterborne seal.
  • Inflammable (heat shield).
  • Elastic, water- and oil resistant.
  • Zuur- en alkalibestendig.
  • Sticks to burned-in grease.
  • UV resistant.
  • Can be applies in places with a high humidity.
  • Plugs leaking holes (± 4,5 mm) (eliminates bad smells and leakages). See report.

Comparison of grease ducts before and after

After applying the seal, the grease duct systems pollute considerably more slowly (grease will stick less easily), and the delayed cleaning can be easily executed with water and an alkaline degreaser, which will prevent a fire from occurring.

Inflammability test

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Sealant report

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