Asbestos-containing materials (fibers) are carcinogenic. Many old houses have these asbestos-containing duct systems. To remove or clean the systems, the demolition costs can be extremely high. RZ ECOSEAL might provide an affordable alternative.

We don’t treat or remove, but we apply a layer of 1,5 mm RZ Ecoseal on the spot. We make a new tube in the existing asbestos duct. We are authorized to perform these activities without preliminary notice. However, the availability of an asbestos report is required, and we always will execute a camera inspection, in cooperation with SGS Search in Heeswijk-Dinter.

In 2019 we plan on performing several field tests on asbestos bound concrete together with this partner.

Test RZ Ecoseal in asbestos cement pipe

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Reporting Scanning Electron Microscopy

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