RZ-ECOSEAL®, the waterproof and fireproof solution for

dirty grease extraction systems.

Fire Risk

A leak after cleaning with water

The Problem

A grease extraction system often becomes extremely dirty as a result of intensive use.


Besides the hygienic and technical aspects, there is also a latent fire    hazard, which may have serious consequences.



Current Solution

Impression of a kitchen after a fire as a result of a dirty grease duct

People often use aggressive cleaning agents, chemicals or mechanical methods to clean or even do it by hand using a scraper or a wire brush.


These methods are extremely labour intensive and are not without    danger for the person cleaner.


Since the areas to be cleaned are often difficult to reach, the result is   only partially acceptable.


There is also a considerable risk of damaging the surrounding area, for

example, as a result of a leak.



The Solution

The concept consists of two phases:


Phase 1:  The application of a unique coating/impregnating agent to the grease duct.


Phase 2: Maintenance of the grease duct.



 A method that is less harmful to the environment, less labour intensive   and safe for the person cleaning.

A significant improvement in quality of the  service provided.



Dirty grease duct

Phase 1: Application of a unique coating/impregnating agent to the grease duct.


The dirty extraction system is treated with a special, environmentally friendly and non-flammable coating/impregnating agent, which bonds to the dirty surface.


Once the coating/impregnating agent has hardened, the contamination is enclosed without environmentally-harmful residues being discharged into the sewer system.


 The risk of fire is then eliminated and the duct is as good as watertight. The risk of cuts or burns is restricted to a minimum or even eliminated.



Clean grease duct


Phase 2: Maintenance of the ‘new’ grease duct


-  Regular maintenance is less labour intensive.


-  Less aggressive cleaning products are required.


-  The risk of damage to the surroundings is restricted to a minimum.


For specialist cleaning companies, it is commercially interesting to use   this method on a large scale.



Easy to clean after sealing.

Cleaning the grease duct with a brush.




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